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Solving the challenge of joining dissimilar materials

Responding to the growing industry trend towards multi-material part design, Arconic Technical Center, in conjunction with Arconic Fastening Systems, has developed an advanced new technology, Resistance Spot Rivet™ (RSR™). This technology will effectively allow a wide range of dissimilar materials to be joined quickly and reliably, including:

  • High-Strength Aluminium
  • Steel
  • High-Strength Steel (HSS)
  • Ultra-High-Strength Steel (UHSS)
  • Magnesium (Mg)

Applications Include:

  • Frame, Floors
  • Closeout panels
  • Pillars & Roof
  • Intrusion Beams

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RSR Conference

Arconic Resistance Spot Rivet

Post Conference Q&A

GALM 2017 Post Conference Q&A

RSR Advantages

This breakthrough technology offers a number of advantages, separating it from a wide range of conventional joining processes:

  • Joins UHSS and aluminium, steel to magnesium, and steel to composites
  • Joins 7000 series aluminium alloys to 6000 series and 5000 series aluminium alloys with higher joint strength than traditional resistance spot welding, all while using steel spot welding equipment and power input, for significant energy savings over typical aluminium spot welding
  • Can be installed using existing resistance spot welding equipment with our add-on feed system
  • Increases the flexibility of current joining infrastructure by enabling spot welding of similar materials in sequence with dissimilar material joining using resistance spot welding equipment
  • The installed rivet offers no rear protrusion

RSR Self-Piloted Installation Video

RSR Self-Piloted Installation Video Thumbnail

RSR Installation Video

RSR Installation Video Thumbnail

Joint Examples

Steel Based

  • Steel to Aluminium or Painted Aluminium (St to Al)
  • Steel to Magnesium (St to Mg)
  • Steel to Composites
  • Aluminium to Aluminium

Pilot and Non-pilot Applications

Aluminium Based

  • Aluminium to Aluminium
  • Aluminium to Steel or Painted Steel
  • Aluminium to Magnesium
  • Aluminium to Composites

Pilot Applications Only

Applications being developed for variety of sheet combinations and product forms for both piloted and self-piloted applications

2 Thickness 3 Thickness Tube
Top (Head) Al, painted Al, Mg, painted Mg, Composites Mg, painted Mg, Composites, St, painted St Al, painted Al Al, painted Al, Mg, painted Mg, Composites Al, painted Al, Mg, painted Mg, Composites Al, painted Al, Mg, painted Mg, Composites
Bot (Weld) St to UHSS Al Al St to UHSS St to UHSS
Rivet Steel Alum Alum Steel Steel Steel
Self-Pilot Available* Yes Yes Yes Yes
* Self-Pilot not possible through composite materials

Technical Data

RSR exceeds strengths of competing technologies for current and future automotive materials.

RSR Performance Comparison Chart

Arconic RSR fasteners provide a high level of tensile strength ensuring a secure joint.

RSR Tensile Shear Joint Strength Chart

All TSS samples 25 x 25mm overlap;
Zinc electroplated RSR cup gen2 fastener,
No E-coat or post-weld treatment

Joint strength will depend on gauge and material combinations

  • TSS: 6 to 14kN (2mm sheet)
  • CTS: 4 to 6kN

Wide variety of aluminum and steel combinations

  • Al: 5000, 6000, 7000
  • St: 590.780.980.180.1500

The Arconic RSR feed system is designed to be used in conjunction with existing RSW systems. This feed system will work with all grades of fasteners without requiring hardware to be changed.

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